Gene Garrett

After graduating high school in Pennsylvania, I joined the
Marines to serve my country. After the Marines I started
working on a farm in Pennsylvania and also rented
some land to farm on my own.

Twelve years ago I moved to Iowa and bought my own
farm to pursue my dream of farming for a living. I now
have five parcels that I grow a variety of crops and raise
80 - 100 head of beef cattle. I also have a full time job at
a fertilizer plant.

I have killed some nice buck here, but the farming and
my other job limits my time to hunt. I enjoy scuba diving
in my spare time and currently have a rescuer’s license
and would like to get a master diver’s license.
Earl T. Strausbaugh

Earl was born in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. After
graduating high school, he was accepted to Penn
State Dubois campus to study wildlife, where he
wanted to specifically study black bears. Although
Earl never went, his love of the outdoors always
found him hunting, scouting, fishing and

Currently Earl works at a paper mill in Pennsylvania
and has been traveling to Iowa when time allows.
He has been deer hunting since he was 12 years
old and always like to introduce people to the sport.
If you hunt with us in Iowa and you harvest the buck of your
dreams we will be as happy as you are.